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1. IBS Interlocking Brick one of the alternative design and construction type that we can have now in Malaysia with take the nature and green house concept.

2. With use a loadbearing wall design we will change the old conversional type of construction with advantages that this IBS Interlocking Brick can offer to us.

3. Like the all construction in the world, construct the IBS Interlocking Brick will use the same way of construction for the foundation and base of the construction area with mean, nothing will change for piling type of soil or another design type to make the structure of the soil will allows the building stand still at it. But it will be lighter with a right combination of material.

4. For a columns and beam, it will be no more for reinforcement concrete n I-beam at the right place. It will change this type of construction with loadbearing brick that will stand above 30 tan for the columns and about 15 tan for the beam.

5. The IBS Interlocking Brick Beam will be design with the IBS Interlocking Brick Wall that will carry the load at the same load for the beam with mean about 15 tan uniformly distributed loads (UDL). For this wall we will don’t need the additional columns at the middle and diagonal area for allows the horizontal and vertical load pass to the foundation or maintain the physical structure.

6. For the upper slab of the building itself, we have many type of material and construction that we can applied including the in-situ type. For more advantages for this concept, we recommended to use the pre-stress half reinforcement concrete slab or the concrete panel building system slab for minimize or omit the secondary beam at the building.

7. At the roofing level of the building we can use the IBS Interlocking beam brick to support all kind of roof type. Unless the roof has a special type of design that must be combine with another material. It depends to the authority to choose the type of material because IBS Interlocking Brick can match any other construction material.


1) This products approve by BOMBA, SIRIM & CIDB.

2) One of green house/building concept. (Nature concept)

3) This brick will design by load bearing wall because this is a n engineering brick.

4) Min. compressive strength must be 10 N/mm2

5) For finishing, not required for using plastering & painting.

6) Good heat and sound insulation compare to conventional and other building material.

7) Fast period construction and easy. (2-3 times faster compare to conventional)

8) Can saving at labour cost, building material, machinery, waste material, time, safety, construction space and easy to hander.

9) Clean construction site.

10) Overall cost saving at 15%-25%

11) Material in interlocking brick = clay 60%, sand 20%, cement 18% and water 2%

12) Normal worker can achieve minimum 1000 pcs brick per-day for installation.


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